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Appearance, hardness, firmness and satisfaction after the operation

The results will be, without a doubt, extremely satisfactory. Almost 100% of the patients in these kind of treatments can start to have full and frequent sexual relations. As some patients have explained to us, this treatment has “changed their lives.”

Years of experience are the reason why there are practically no appreciable decreases in penis length, except in those cases wherein by nature of the specific characteristics of the case, there is a shortening. In this type of case, we offer the possibility to combine the intervention with a penis enlargement, to gain between 1 and 1.5 cm approximately (*).


You may expect to see some pictures of the results, but there is no difference between a normal penis and a penis with a prostheses, since there is no visual evidence of the implant, so that’s why you won’t find those pictures here.  If the prostheses is too short and the cylinders are in the body of the penis instead of in the glands, there can be an aesthetic problem called “floppy head” (a slight curvature in the head of the penis, especially when it’s flaccid, but not only) and that must be solved. It doesn’t affect the sexual practice at all, but it’s a synonym of a bad indication.

Penile prosthesis do not affect ejaculation or the possibility to have an orgasm. However, hardness, vigor and rigidity are guaranteed by the prosthesis.

These treatments are routine in Andromedi Clinics because of our extensive experience in Spain, Europe, the United States and the Middle East. If you have severe erectile dysfunction and you haven’t found a solution with Levitra, Viagra or Cialis, nor through other treatments like shock waves or psychotherapy, please ask for an appointment with Dr. Natalio Cruz.

After years trying different treatments, many patients are satisfied with their penile implant. They will never feel embarrassed or frustrated while engaging in sexual activity. This is Diego’s testimony after his intervention on July 2017:

I am writing in this forum to share my experience three months after the prosthesis implant. I feel frankly really well. The implant is marvelous It has given me back happiness and the ease of a fundamental part of my life. I still have some discomfort, but they are nothing compared to the possibilities that I now have. I feel young again. In my case, the first 15 days have been painful, but I hardly took any anti-inflammatory medicine due to a digestive problema. Little by little the  pain disappeared.

Perhaps I should have gotten more information about the pain and discomfort that could occur because I was taken a little bit by surprise. In any case, the pain has disappeared and there is no more discomfort.

The first time I tried to actívate and disactivate the implant, it seemed a little bit difficult, but after a clear explanation, I learned quickly that it really is comfortable and easy. It’s always ready. My penis works perfectly. My body responds to my sexual needs. There is no difference with my sexual activities from before I needed the implant. I want to thank Dr. Natalio Cruz for his fantastic work. I know I have phoned him more times that I had wished, but that was because I didn’t expect these sensations.

I would recommend this intervention 100%, even when, as it was in my case, the dysfunction is partial. I wish I made this decision two years ago and who knows if I could have lived a romantic story earlier. My intimate life has changed completely and my social life too. This intervention has made me a much happier person.

If you want to contact me to ask any questions about my case, this is my email: [email protected] (Diego)

I hope Dr. Natalio Cruz keeps making people happy for many years.

Thank you very much.

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